Achilles Tendinopathy (Pain)

Achilles Tendinopathy (Pain)

Achilles Tendinopathy (Pain) is a common overuse injury of the Achilles tendon causing pain, discomfort and/or inflammation about your tendon and heel.

Achilles Tendinopathy occurs when there has been a spike in the amount of exercise or physical activity you are doing. This tends to occur after a layoff and sudden return to exercise, such as in middle-aged people, or in physically active people who have suddenly upped the ante in their exercise routine. It occurs in sports/exercise with repetitive jumping or running, overusing the tissues leading to inflammation and pain.

It can also occur due to:

  • Change in training surface
  • Lack of training variation
  • Incorrect footwear
  • Excessive intensity or distance increase

Symptoms of Achilles Tendinopathy include:

– Pain or swelling on the bottom portion of your Achilles into your heel
– Pain with walking, running, jumping or steps
– Stiffness/soreness when straightening and bending your ankle
– Pain worse at night and/or first thing in the morning

Symptoms can be acute or have a delayed onset, ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain and avoidance of function, lasting for years if not treated correctly.

Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment

Practical treatments of Achilles Tendinopathy include range of motion and strengthening protocols for the ankle, calf and leg muscles. Current research indicates that progressive, incremental strengthening regimes are an effective treatment tool for increasing pain free function, enabling a return to your job, sport or recreation activities.

You should be able to make a return to these within 2-4 weeks depending on the severity. You will then be able to perform at your fullest with time over the next few months or so.

The addition of manual therapy has also shown to assist with pain relief to help you return to the painful tasks quicker.