Are You Gym Fit?

Are You Gym Fit?

Happy New Year, happy new you, away you go into the exercise and ouch you’re laid up for weeks. Just the same as last year and the one before. Well not this year as I am going to share with you some tips on exercising without injury.

1 – Seek a medical examination if you are new to exercise from your GP prior to starting

2 – Be realistic about what you want. If you have never ran before a marathon within a month is not going to happen.

3 – Steady. You need to consider your training amount and increase this by 10% per week as long as you are not injured. So if you having been laying low for a few months then do not start where you stopped especially if this was some time ago.

4 – Who’s Dom? No DOMS, well this is something you will experience after exercise, it’s unpleasant if you really have worked hard and can last up to three days after exercise. It is normal but if it goes beyond this then you need to book an appointment for physiotherapy as soon as possible.

5 – Start with a good trainer and speak to them about your expectations and there expectations BEFORE you start and do not try and keep up with others. Stick to your guns throughout the workout.

6 – Form, this is how well you do the exercise’s you are being asked of. Most people who have been in a gym have seen some people lifting a weight far too heavy for them swinging backwards and forwards through the low back, rather than using just the arms and slowing the movement down. Poor form leads to injury, not always immediately but over a course of time it will come and get you. If you suffer poor form or are injured then you need to book in for physiotherapy NOW.

Remember, exercise is great physically and psychologically but being injured is not fun. If you are not sure where to start with your exercise regime, are currently injured or returning from injury or want a running plan then contact us today for an appointment 9562 8100 or book online.