My Road to Busso (Busselton 70.3 Half Ironman again)

My Road to Busso (Busselton 70.3 Half Ironman again)

“It will be my last one” I said to my ever supportive Wife and business partner Emma, “I have to, I
want to try and qualify for the Worlds and then we can have a great holiday!!!”.

Sadly 5 months without running training will put a stop to that but at least I can concentrate on the most important  triathlon leg, the bike and my weakest area. In Emma’s immortal words, “you don’t need all these fancy gadgets to cycle, you just need to cycle hard and keep going” how very true.

“So your parents are planning a holiday to see us? (My mind starts thinking ahead). Well how about they come while Busso is on and they can soak up the awesome atmosphere even get one of these jazzy t-shirts!!”

So the training started, it was fairly easy back in summer getting up to a 4am alarm with the light
mornings and beautiful weather to go off cycling, it’s somewhat tougher now in the dark especially if one of the young kids wakes in the night with a night tremor. Emma says once I’ve left the room to go check them ‘do you want me to go’??

To be honest, I love the feeling of being fit and healthy and find it helps so much with my thought
processing and is one of the most important tools I have in helping me deal with stress. I feel in my own space and can clearly prioritise.

When I’m struggling with hanging onto someone else in swim training or cycling, my only priority is to not give up but once that settles, I then start to think about work and the family and think how truly blessed I am.

I love the course at Busso and the shouting and cheering from Emma and the kids, the way the eldest two Olivia and George run from side to side on the run leg cheering me, it’s great and last year again the eldest two came running along and high-fiving them was awesome. Emma’s the funniest, she’s extremely passionate about the racing, more so than me and I can hear her from some way away “come on Stephen, run harder, cycle quicker” and then the words which she won’t say this year are “Ben’s catching you up” (Benny’s a great friend from our time in Leinster and is living back in Newcastle with his lovely wife Jen and their little girls).

I’ve raced lightly this season, concentrating on life and work but in those three races, I’ve picked up two wins, one the WA State Short Course Title and one second at the WA State Interclub
competitions (the winner was a pro!!)

So here is to my fifth and final Busselton 70.3 Half-Ironman, my best finish is 10th in my age group 2013, I’d need a much stronger performance this year to get a spot for Sunshine Coast 70.3 World Champs.  So if you’re training for a triathlon or athletic event come see our expert state champ tri physio who’s seen it all and knows what he’s talking about!

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