Ouch… My Knee!

Ouch… My Knee!

“Dad, we have a Father’s day soccer game kid’s V dad’s after our last home game, we will smash you” said our son George at the prospect of getting one up on his dad.

It’s been some year’s since I’ve played but I’m training (running and cycling) well at the moment and confident the kid’s will not get past me at running. First half goes well, it’s fun but a little one-sided. Dad’s are up by a few. Second half the coaches join the kids team and the goals start flowing for the kids.

I quickly jockey an attacker and then turn at pace to change direction when suddenly POP I’m on the floor with a numb, painful and very loose right leg. One kid said “that was gross I heard you’re whole knee popping”, “yes it’s a little uncomfortable” I replied (these were not the same words running through my mind!!). I gingerly got up and tried to style it out but there was nothing. I can hardly stand on the right leg and I’m left licking my wounds.

Our gorgeous son comes over “are you OK? Maybe you’re too old for this”!! As a physio with years of sports participation and work I knew there was internal damage, if I didn’t that would be worrying!! I left it five days doing some gentle treatment and then went for an MRI and the results speak for themselves… Gone are my chances of racing in December but there is hope. I plan on completing a non-operative ACL rehabilitation program and not opting for surgery.

I have been in contact with Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Kieran Richardson to share his knowledge and passion for not having surgery. While the mainstream media sensationalise these injuries as ‘career ending’ or the ‘dreaded injury’ particularly in the English Premier League. What they did not report on a few years ago was the player in 2014 that returned to playing within EIGHT yes 8 weeks of tearing his ACL in the English Premier League without any further issue.

That is my plan to rehabilitate my knee without surgery. I’ve been a little hampered unfortunately with pneumonia but I am getting going now and can; Fully squat, lunge, double leg jump and side lunge. So I will keep you updated on my progress, it is achievable and I do not plan on having that ‘bad knee’ that stops me doing what I want.

If you have suffered a similar injury to the knee or are faced with potential surgery for a similar injury then there is potential to get better without surgery or denting your health fund.

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