Running Tip’s and Injury Prevention
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Running Tip’s and Injury Prevention

Hi Guys,

Following on here from a recent Facebook post we did and a recent Facebook Live video that I did. If you missed them then please click here. I would like to talk to you guys about running, running injuries and some quick and easy tips to help prevent them.

Did you know most running related injuries are due to faulty techniques or excessive load?

This often occurs after a long time off from running, such as the annual winter hibernation a lot of us tend to do. So if you’re like a bear and becoming more energetic and excited for some exercise to get in shape for summer then read on!

Although running appears a quick and simple exercise method, there is actually a lot involved with it. Now when I mean a lot I don’t mean an essay’s length but if you follow the tips below then you will be on the way to having a successful running routine. But first the five most common mistakes people make.

The five common mistakes people make when commencing a running program:

  1. Not adequately warming up or cooling down
  2. Wearing inappropriate footwear
  3. Inadequate hydration
  4. Running the exact same distance, course and speed each time
  5. Running too much too soon

Now for the bona-fide physiotherapy tips to prevent the above mistakes and common running injuries:

  1. Warm up
  2. Cool down
  3. Adequately hydrate before, during and after  
  4. Wear appropriate footwear
  5. Ease into a running routine
  6. Mix it up
  1. Warm up
  • Do a light jog before your run to warm up and excite your muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Perform dynamic, active stretches
  1. Cool down
  • After your run do another light jog to help signal the end of your exercise and to calm your body down
  • Static stretches can be performed too
  1. Adequately hydrate before, during and after  
  • Depends on your length of run, fitness levels, humidity and outside temperature
  • If you answered yes to any of the above then consider drinking some water beforehand in the lead up to your run and consider drinking some during the run too
  • Helps improve your performance, especially in the heat
  • Always drink water afterwards for recovery
  1. Wear appropriate footwear
  • Those old sandshoes aren’t going to cut it
  • Running shoes for running. Period
  1. Ease into a running routine
  • Progressively build into a regular running routine
  • Start off slow and shorter and progress from there depending on your desired outcomes
  1. Mix it up
  • Variety is the spice of life
  • For example, do a longer, slower routine one day, a short, sharp another, and sprints the day after that

For more tips, help with commencing a running program or if you’re struggling with pain from running then please book in to see one of our suitably qualified physiotherapists – Stephen or Justin; by clicking here, after all I have raced over the marathon distance and Stephen has finished 3rd in the World Triathlon sprint championships.

Until next time,