Sit up Straight!

Sit up Straight!

We have heard it many times growing up and I’m sure our children will say the same… Just sit up.

In today’s sedentary lifestyle and ever evolving social media and electronic World we find ourselves looking down. For those that work in offices, have a walk around and the all too familiar posture can be seen, people staring into computer screens with rounded shoulders, chin poking forward and eyes not blinking for hours.

Well you wouldn’t want your kids looking like that would you?? Sadly, our children are complaining of aches and pains, young children having headaches, shoulder and back pain.

I find myself telling our eldest to sit up straight and stand tall. The truth of the matter is we spend a lot of time on our phones and on digital platforms, our children are no different.

Here are some handy tips to help with your child’s posture.

1) Do not do laptop homework sitting on the bed

2) Try and change position from sitting when on mobile phones

3) Get up and move regularly

4) Have a visual reminder to do all of the above

If you have concerns about your child’s posture or they have been complaining of pain then call now 9562 8100 or book online