World Championship – Made It!!

World Championship – Made It!!

As you may know I ruptured my ACL and meniscus last September and missed the Australian triathlon season (if you are not sure about this, then click here to read what happened) and I really wanted to try and race in the World Championships on the Gold Coast this September.

I hedged my bets and put a solid eight or so weeks of training together to try and ‘get in shape’ to race in the UK. I was well out of shape and had to lose a good 6/7kg, which I did through eating the right foods and training well.

I focused on what I wanted and needed to do, which was to come in the top six.

I flew to London on the Qantas Dreamliner, which I’d highly recommend, the most comfortable economy seat I’ve ever been in and no stress of changing planes or worry about losing my bike!!

I arrived in London Wednesday morning and then raced Sunday morning. Luckily the royal wedding didn’t stop me doing some training, sadly it just hiked the hotel price up!!

Pre-race there was talk of the ‘heat’ and people are going to struggle with it……it was 23!!

Anyway to the race, it was quick, very quick and the poms (yes I am one) moved so fast from the swim to the bike, I found myself on my own until someone caught me. We then worked together on the bike and he ran off on the run!! Luckily, I continued, head down and went for it as much as I could have. I had great support on the course from my in-laws, brother and sister-in-law. I finished 6th and was stoked and have been confirmed on the team to race in the World Championships on the Gold Coast this September. Click here for my results.

So happy winter training for me. The kids ask where I think I’ll come or would be happy with…what a question. The feat at the moment is in getting to race at World level and all you can do is focus on training hard I tell them.

So if you have an injury that stops you achieving the things you love then I urge you not all is lost, try physio with us here at Crest Health, we have had most injuries and better still know what to do to get you back out there.

Have a great day